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Realized by Catovic Hughes Studio, the residence spotted on is one of the most beautiful houses we have ever seen. It is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and it was completed in October 2010. What first impressed us was the fact that architects took in consideration a deeply strong connection between interior and exterior. After visiting the house, you feel it’s more about indoor-outdoor living, about maximizing the climatic benefits of both than building a house to shelter somebody. Porches, or at least porch-inspired spaces, abound […]

The clients, an interior designer and a DJ, requested a complete renovation and addition of a 1960’s kit house in Amagansett, NY to be a weekend retreat from their urban apartment.  The clients gathered images of objects and conventional materials utilized in new, interesting ways as inspiration for the design.  A single design solution that could unify the old remaining parts of the house to the new intervention was sought.  This solution should solve acoustical, lighting, equipment coordination and simultaneously […]

Designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architects, the Ferrous House sits in a row of unexceptional 1970?s ranches, part of a narrow subdivision hugging the edge of a wooded nature preserve west of Milwaukee. An existing dwelling that had fallen into serious disrepair was entirely gutted and stripped of its roof, but the limited construction budget required the reuse of the existing foundation, main perimeter walls, and plumbing cores. The Ferrous House is the careful, sustainable transformation of an obsolete existing home, […]

designed by XPIRAL , this beautiful house among pines acts as an interface between domestic life and the land and. Being a house for daily use, the whole space is for the enjoyment of its inhabitants. The lower area is voided in the mountain, inlaid with the uses that hardly require sunlight and the main access to the upper floor. Between this access and the one to the plot, the shadow of the cantilevered upper area creates an exterior suburban […]

Bates Masi Architects have designed Sam’s Creek, located in Bridgehampton, New York. According to the architects: “We live in a time where smart phones and tablets are in everyone’s hands and multitasking is the normal way of life. Influenced from the client’s multitasking lifestyle, a diverse set of requirements developed for a new home. The clients, one of whom is the owner of a public relations company, requested that multiple activities could take place throughout the house without interruption; a […]

Dutch designer Eric Kant, specialized in Spa & Wellness projects world wide knows how to keep the inhabitants calm and cheerful. Working with his  Centric Design Group team, he realized a modern villa that features a large  aquarium  on the upstairs level. It brings energy inside, creating a lively, colorful area where all the guests will love to gather around. An aquarium can become a focal point for any room, but in this case, it functions as a parapet for the upper level.  Although […]

Inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House, the Glass House by Philip Johnson, with its perfect proportions and its simplicity, is considered one of the first most brilliant works of modern architecture. Johnson did not envision it as a place to live so much as a stage… and a statement. Called one of the world’s most celebrated works of Modernism, the glass house was created in 1949. The diminutive glass-and-steel building and its uncluttered interior, which have barely changed […]

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Sonya Winner creates graphic, vibrant and original rugs. She is fascinated by exploring the design possibilities of knotting and tufting with wool. “There are so many ways to create original pieces working with texture, pile height, weaving techniques, yarn type and the overall shape of the design – it’s a very exciting medium”, Sonya says. How does she work? She finds a calm place, puts on some peaceful jazz and immerses herself in her library and sketches books full of ideas she have […]

Located in Bainbridge Island, Washington much of the Dorsey Residence is hidden behind a two-story concrete face, however its interior spaces reflect a different experience of warmth, light, and openness. Architects Coates Design created an 18-inch concrete wall that forms two sides of the home’s exterior. These walls provide a poignant counterpoint to the warm wooden and copper box that rests at a slight angle to take full advantage of the site’s water and mountain views. The concrete exterior wall […]

Guido Constantino designed this modern residence with 10,000 square foot, two story contemporary home is located in South West Oakville, a town in Halton Region, on Lake Ontario in Southern Ontario, Canada. Though there isn’t much about this home, it does appear to be very large. The home is accompanied by a backyard pool illuminated by foot-level lamps.  The house was certainly built for an automobile enthusiasts with a 4 car garage heightened to allow room for lifts, and an […]

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