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For the My Money Park start-up, OOS has developed an adaptable design concept with a long-term focus that has already been implemented in the first two branches in Zurich and Basel. The young financial advisor is taking a fresh approach to the world of financial advice that places the client at the center of its considerations and objectives. OOS has translated the respective corporate values and positioning into a physical environment that actively supports this new client advisory process. Acoustic […]

If you’re going into retirement soon then the ‘Meadowview House’ could be your next home. This house is designed for a retired family in mind and fits easily into any lifestyle. Platform 5 Architects have designed the Meadowview House in Bedfordshire, England. Meadowview is situated on the edge of a rural village in Bedfordshire and was designed as a family home for a retired couple.  Surrounded by agricultural fields, the designers were inspired to create a project based on a […]

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SlipstreamInstallation by FreelandBuck was exhibited at the Bridge Gallery in New York and it is made from over one thousand CNC cut plywood pieces that notch together to create an undulating, dynamically patterned and brightly colored wall. Developed as the extrusion of a 2-dimensional drawing through the gallery space in New York, the structure is then cut away to produce a set of interconnected 3-dimensional spaces. The architects tried to  escape from the solid, stable nature of buildings and created a ‘flowing’ installation.  Slipstream is a physical […]

Inspired by the rules of natural growth, young designer Conglong Zhao from Singapore realized an exciting project for a futuristic hospital.  The project develops an architecture that connects both growth and ornament, with a landscape environment, topologically and calligraphically. The ornament creates a symbiotic relationship with the existing environment by framing existing topographic features and at the same time giving a feedback to the landscape by creating topographical irregularities. Also, see a sensory experience at Pharma Plus.          

Apple Bay house has been designed by Wellington-based designers Parsonson Architects. The contemporary property was finished in 2006 and is located in Apple Bay, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand. The owners of this beautiful “platform in the bush” wanted to create a building that slotted lightly into the lush surrounding forest, blurring the boundaries between inside and out.The architect designed the structure to step down the slope of the hill in the form of two offset pavilions, with the upper storey for the living […]

Classic or contemporary? A fresh atmosphere or a reminiscent of chesterfields from gentlemen’s clubs? If you’re looking for the perfect match in your living room, then you’ve come to the right place. Spotted on, the images below offer a bunch of ideas for those who want to create a stylish living space, be it modern or old school. The suggestions are in vogue, blending high tech accessories, wide sofas, colorful corners and spectacular lighting objects in a fabulous gallery. One […]

Located in Singapore, the T House was designed by  Linghao Architects. The metal frame structure composed of 150 millimeter thick members is encased in exposed concrete and block masonry walls painted white. A central open-air courtyard is found to be the heart of the home, a small semi-protected space susceptible to exterior conditions, with natural plant life, animals and weather conditions being able to inhabit the space along with the owners. Vertical circulation components spring from this area to provide […]

  In the heart of the Swiss Alps, LeCrans Hotel & Spa is a haven of peace and refinement. Whether cultural, culinary, activity-packed or rejuvenating, they want to ensure your stay is one of pure pleasure. Originally a small family pension, LeCrans Hotel & Spa is now a full-fledged star among the peaks of the Swiss Alps. Modern touches and a historic patina give this cozy mountain resort irresistible charm. The landscape here is breathtakingly beautiful. LeCrans HOTEL & SPA enjoys […]

Do you want to have all your keys organized? Then, you’ve come to the right place because here’s the key to…not losing your keys! The gallery bellow gathers a bunch of funny and practical key holders that make your keys look very nice, too. For example, the Sparrow Key Ring from Qualy is a practical company in the everyday life. The keys are fixed at the small bird’s key ring. Arrived home, the bird can be put inside of its house where […]

For those of you who love modern architecture, House Lam will inspire you to renovate your own crib using modern materials and a powerful design.  The residential project you can see in the photos is the result of a massive renovation underwent by a 1950?s house. Johannesburg-based interior designers and architects Nico van der Meulen Architects have completed the House Lam project. The sophisticated looking property can be found in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here are a few words from the architects describing the remodeled floor plan: “In opposition […]

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