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Would you believe that these are some photos of a 150 sq m, three bedroom apartment? The undulating lawn is on the terrace of a penthouse called Axial Symphony in Shenzhen, China. Called Axial Symphony, the home is arranged along several axis and aims to make the residents feel they are at the center of their home as they move through the property. For a more in-depth look into this remarkable home, visit here.  

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A coffee table made of wood veneer oak, made by the designer George Nikov from Bulgarian studio 3WORK. A piece of furniture with a simple, straightforward design, appropriate to everyday use and adaptable to any location and environment. Characterized and enriched by a circular recess suitable to accommodate a small vase or anything that can decorate. If you like it, you can buy it from 138 euros.

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The beautiful residential building we present in this article, Amin Residence, comes from the ever-surprising India, created by  design studio Dipen Gada & Associates and situated in the city of Gujarat, western India. The architecture mainly translates the house into three different blocks. The first being a white block which serves as an entrance to the house. Second being the wooden block clad with sesame wood pattis to create an uneven texture and the third is the double-height skew at the pool side. Together […]

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This is a tube shaped bandana, made by headface, a small company in Sweden. The bandana is made from 100% polyester and it keeps your face and neck warm. The bandana was originally made for skiers, but it also works great for bikers and everyone who wants to be warm and cool at the same time. The story behind Headface began two years before the company was formed. It was in the late 00s, a cold, grim winter day. One […]

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OUTrial House is one of the best design creation of modern and contemporary architecture. Katowice-based studio KWK Promes has designed the OUTrial House project. The only context given by the client was a green clearing surrounded by forest, which on the next step were added by another request to create some space for a small recording studio and a conservatory. The house is hidden behind the forest, make personal and private, yet open and comfortable. Current design was born from […]

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Designed by Floriane Rousse-Marquet , “Gaia bio lamp” is a mobile light source that gives birth to a smooth ambient lighting effect, just like a candle. Made of recyclable materials, what this device tries to achieve is creating a link between humans and nature by making plants a part of a process very important to the existence of human kind; production of energy. The bio lamp GAIA  is provided with three little lights which create a candle-like atmosphere. The all […]

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Honorable Mention 2012 Skyscraper Competition Mahdi Kamboozia, Alireza Esfandiari, Nima Dehghani, Mohammad Ashkbar Sefat, Iran Tehran, Iran’s largest city and its capital, is plagued by extreme air pollution, 80% of which is caused by auto traffic. Amongst its 8.5 million residents, it is estimated that 27 people die daily from pollution-related diseases, showing the tangible and deadly dangers that result from the traffic caused by urban sprawl. To combat this reality, the designers of the Tehran Tower propose building up, […]

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  Colorful chairs created by Pini Leibovich make wonderful accent pieces in any room. Pini Leibovich is an industrial designer based in Isreal and graduated in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. The difference between this and the another chairs are that these are made with a rather unusual material, balloons. ” Happy Material series: there is a joy that happens when people meet familiar materials like a balloon used in a different way. The intellectual barrier melts and emotions […]

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Nestled in the East Village, New York this 2,400 square foot duplex apartment is renovated by Pulltab Design. The client brief is to create contemporary interior with an unique living environment for a young family of four. In combination with the vertically planted wall above, a shallow reflecting pool, custom fabricated from folded steel sheets, was placed in the living room. Materials such as stained concrete, American black walnut, bronze and steel were selected along with modernist finishes, including hand […]

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Montaña Mágica Lodge, also known as Magic Mountain Lodge, is located within Huilo Huilo, a 232 square mile natural reserve in southern Chile. Covered in rainforest moss and vines, this manmade volcano-like structure spews water and is only accessible by a monkey bridge. Montana Magica Lodge was constructed with a surprising architecture, noble materials and a delicate taken care of the nature. With beautiful rooms, excellent gastronomy, bar and a customized service for each visitor, you will be able to enjoy the […]

A Chinese store named “11 Furniture” is one giant 10,000 square meter copycat. It has taken the brand design of the Swedish furniture giant IKEA from the color scheme down to its small free pencils. It copies Ikea’s blue-and-yellow colour scheme, mock-up rooms, miniature pencils, signage and even its rocking chair designs. Its cafeteria-style restaurant, complete with minimalist wooden tables, has a familiar look, although the menu features Chinese-style braised minced pork and eggs instead of Ikea’s Swedish meatballs and […]

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Designed by José Armênio de Brito Cruz, this residence of Itanhangá  is located in one of  Rio de Janeiro suburb – a coastal warm city , humid climate, and has beautiful surroundings with approximately 800 sqm planted with different trees with significant size and age. The solution adopted for this project started with the intention to implement a building  in an area with minimal impact to existing trees as possible. It is a beautiful house organized in such a way […]

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Introducing aktiv, the first in a new line of houses designed by ideabox and appointed by IKEA. IKEA shoppers can now buy an actual house from the Swedish furniture giant, which recently debuted the Aktiv modular home. It is the first full home offered by IKEA, according to IdeaBox, which designed the Aktiv. The pre-assembled, linear layout connects the kitchen and living room; homeowners have to go through the bedroom to access the bathroom. The entire home is 745 square […]

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Designed by Los Angeles-based design studio Marmol Radziner  Desert House can be found in the Desert Hot Springs, California. Located in Desert Hot Springs, California, the prototype prefab home is located on a five-acre site and oriented to best capture views of San Jacinto peak and the surrounding mountains. Doubling the 2000 square foot interior space, the home extends towards the landscape with covered outdoor living areas. The home is built with prefabricated technologies in a factory. Using steel framing, twelve feet […]

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Decorating kids’ rooms are now a big deal. The only limit is your imagination,but here are some great inspirational children’s rooms.If you need inspiration, you can discover some  bedroom decor and design ideas from the decorating experts from Cassoni.

Now maybe you are in need of a sofa to fill your living room. Give your living room a vibrant makeover with punchy, electric colours and eye-popping furniture. Pull one colour from the sofa pattern to use on the curtains, creating a strong and consistent look. The colorful couches design is lighten the living room. They are applied various pattern combination in several couches types, including the sofa design. Do you have a room that spurs your creativity and provides inspiration? What does […]