Many people think that a desert oasis requires an enormous budget, long-term planning and advanced equipment. Well, this is not exactly the case when you benefit from the expertise of a landscape design studio. Realized by Prideaux Design, the entertaining area below was projected as to fulfill different needs: cooking, dining, relaxation and physical activities. Let’s take them one at a time. Installed very close to the house, the cooking area features a large worktop with sink, a barbeque with electric […]

Built-in furniture makes interior design a lot easier. Especially when you plan to make space in the teenagers’ rooms. Realized by h2o architects, the project below features a smart collection of built-in items: bed, closet, shelves and cabinets were installed in a circular wooden furnishing, letting room for a generous playground. ‘In order to make the place look wider, we decided to change the perspective and to try introduce the pavilion in the furniture, not the opposite’, architects explained. As incredible as may seem, the concept […]

An in-house garden is like a paradise. Bringing nature so close to you will surely enliven your spirit, cheer up your lungs and completely restore your health. Besides that, you become eco-friendly and contribute to the general improvement of the planet. This is also the case with the contemporary residence below – a project of Paripumi Design, spotted on archdaily – that features a spectacular in-house garden. The decision was made when realizing that the neighborhood was only composed of tall grey buildings. […]

Spotted on, the converted farmhouse below is a private residence designed by PYO arquitectos. When starting remodeling it, the team had a big challenge: the house was untouched for over five decades and needed a complete accommodation to contemporaneity. After the consolidation of the walls, the building became livable and they started dreaming of interior design. Naturally lighted areas were a must. As you can easily notice, the sun accompanies you while walking through the house. Wide transparent windows allow […]

Due to its deserted look, Arizona is considered a challenge for architects, interior designers and landscape professionals. This was also the case with the project below, a home remodeled by Prideaux Design. The studio combined beautifully traditional influences with contemporary functionality, and a welcoming, warm place resulted. Taking the classic principles as a rule, the house offers stability, order and a pleasant feeling of security. Light tones of yellow, beige and brown offer tranquility, while dark hues of brown and blue […]

Contemporary classic interiors are on top of my personal list. They keep the refinement of noble homes on a discreet level, while introducing contemporary items with grace. Realized by Jaxon Home, the dwelling before features elegant rooms furnished with impressive solid wood items. Actually, whenever you say contemporary classic you imagine sumptuous dining rooms, extravagant hallways and opulent sleeping rooms. The style speaks for a high social status. Most of the time, the owners appreciate art and love to exhibit original […]

Classic interior design becomes trendy nowadays. For nostalgic persons who love turning back in time, the style offers stability, warmth and distinction. Realized by O’Hara Interiors, the residence below features welcoming open plans, a stylish glass veranda and lots of appealing decorative items. If you feel comfortable with classic interior design, browse the gallery and save the ideas that are compatible with your personality. A composition that proves extremely functional is the one that combines kitchen, dining and living room […]

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Mountain home owners, do not avoid this article! Chalet Kibo is a contemporary, bright and beautiful chalet designed by Angelique Buisson. This stunning luxury chalet located in a very quiet and private enclave of Courchevel 1550 Village and can accommodate up 11 people in 5 bedrooms. All the floors are served by an elevator. The chalet is located 250 meters away from the Grangette chair lift. Chalet Kibo offers an amazing location right on the slopes and 820 ft from the village center. We […]

Sant Francesc Hotel Singular is a 5-star hotel housed in a nineteenth-century mansion located in Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain. With 42 rooms, the hotel provides its guests with the perfect location from which to enjoy the rich culture and history of the city. Hotel Sant Francesc is your perfect point of departure to discover the island of Majorca. Located in one of Palma’s most iconic squares, right in the heart of the historic, cultural and business center of the […]

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Speakers – a necessity for music lovers, but a major sore point for design fans.Home audio speakers are designed to sound great, but many designers take it to the next level and create something so sexy that people can’t help but stare. Find the perfect speakers for your indoor or outdoor spaces and fine-tune the soundtrack of your life. These creative speaker designs that you’re gonna see in this post combine both style and (hopefully) function, and we can say that they […]

Explore Asia’s most thrilling destination from the Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central, the largest hotel in Macau. Located at Sands® Cotai Central in the center of the exciting Cotai Strip, we are just steps from premier shopping, dining, and entertainment. Situated on the western bank of the Pearl River Delta, just an hour’s ferry or a 15-minute helicopter ride from Hong Kong, this unique region combines a vibrant Portuguese heritage with colorful Chinese roots. Designated as a Special Administrative […]

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The dining room seems to be where all the entertaining happens. The hunt for a dining room rug is a task most people face at some point – area rugs come in all shapes and sizes and are made of many different kinds of materials, from wool to polypropylene. An area rug is important to a dining space because it adds both comfort and style, frames the table, and can also define the room itself, especially in open floor plans. Area […]

A classy residence usually shelters a stylish family. With their love for exquisite interiors and precious decorative items, the home becomes an eternal exploration field. There are corners where you can experience the mystery of the art galleries, and areas that preserve, in small, the prestige of the great museums of the world. Nevertheless, the rooms are welcoming and friendly. Painted in light beige and enlivened by flowers and various greenery species, the place feels radiant and relaxed. This is also the case with […]

Who doesn’t need an oasis of peace and relaxation to get rid of everyday stress? In this case, an attic apartment could be a great choice.  The key to great interior design when it comes to small spaces is being able to use the same space for more than one purpose. In this top floor apartment, the designers have been able to do just that. Architect Margaux Beja centered Apartment Saint Paul around the unfinished beams that span the apartment. […]

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Yellow decorating ideas offer hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. Being the highest hue in the spectrum, most of the people are afraid of taking it at home; its vibrations may cause stress or discomfort. But, when used wisely, it enlivens the space, helping us to find new ways of doing things. Yellow is the practical thinker, not the dreamer. Moreover, it is the best color to create enthusiasm for life and can awaken greater confidence and optimism. If we convinced you that it is the […]

What makes a home classic? Light, air, landscape and romance. Realized by O’Hara Interiors, the mansion below features cozy interiors where you can admire the refinement of classic furniture together with the distinction of beautifully crafted ornaments. Enjoying a warm atmosphere, a classic design home is always a place for inward dreaming. From diaphanous curtains,  and silver candle holders that garnish the sleeping rooms to comfy sofas tapestried with velvet and sumptuous chandeliers in the living areas, a classic design home makes […]

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