The most common house design a century ago, villas are popular renovation subjects today. Completed in 2014, Vietnamese studio MM++ Architects stripped a house back to its concrete frame to create this pared-back open-plan villa featuring red brick walls, pivoting glass doors and leafy gardens. The villa has been turned into contemporary open spaces while keeping the entire existing concrete structure. The original dwelling was built in a faux-Art Deco style that the investor client wanted to strip away and replace with […]

The Sheats Goldstein Residence by John Lautner is one of the best known examples of his work. Invisible from the street, the house is slow to reveal itself to the visitor. Stepping through a low portal and following a dog-leg corridor, one arrives in a magical watery courtyard. To your left, water sheets down a low wall, a continuous waterfall which penetrates the window of the living room beyond, extending inside the house. The house designed and built between 1961 and 1963. The design […]

The Hôtel du Ministère, at the heart of the 8th arrondissement in Paris, offers its guests the ideal location for a shopping experience that is out of the ordinary. They add up to the existing 24 rooms designed by Parisian interior designer François Champsaur in 2011. Situated right behind the hotel, the new extension that used to be a former print shop is adorned with an incredible glass and metal facade and impressive skylights. The predominantly black & white scheme is […]

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If you or a family member engages in sports or competitive events, chances are you have accumulated a few medals. In fact, your child might even have some medals from school events, Sunday school events, or club affiliations. Medals are a sign of your children’s achievements and should be displayed proudly in your home. Sometimes life gets busy and medals get placed to the side, in a drawer or cabinet; it happens to the best of moms. If you currently […]

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Kettle Black is not an ordinary place. Designed by Studio You Me, the Kettle Black Cafe in Melbourne is a minimalist spot, tucked away in the last heritage terrace on Albert Road.  Set right next to a skyscraper, the welcoming cafe is the perfect blend of classic and modern touches. Very impressive and minimal! The setting is a clever mix of old and new, spread across a chichi Victorian terrace house and the ground floor of a shiny apartment complex in […]

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Pink may not be the first color you think of when selecting a paint color for your living room or dining room. But it’s surprisingly versatile. If you are thinking how to freshen up your home with spring tones this is the design for you. So start with some pastel pink details and make your home look lovely. Pink color schemes are versatile and suitable for all interior design styles and home decor ideas. Pink color schemes for interior design and […]

Nowadays, many people definitely want to looks beautiful. They will use anything to make her face beautiful to see and make some people interest with their face. Usually, women need 1 hour to seat in front of the makeup vanity and drawing her face to be beautiful, so you should make it comfortable to have the best result. Do you dream of having a bathroom retreat with a lavish makeup vanity or dressing table that’s all yours? Mirror and drawers are the […]

Are you a fan of the pop art movement? Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the mid-1950 s in Britain and in the late 1950 s in the United States. Pop art presented a challenge to traditions of fine art by including imagery from popular culture such as advertising, news, etc. Pop art and minimalism are considered to be art movements that precede postmodern art, or are some of the earliest examples of Post-modern art themselves. In Pop […]

Almost four years of execution with a low budget, the uncharming building from the 60?s, located few steps away from the emblematic Barcelona’s Ramblas, had to be re-thought from top to bottom. Instead of going for the mainstream design, they decided to project an experience around the fantastic and fanciful Spanish 60?s. The décor at chic&basic Ramblas has been carefully selected to create a designer hotel inspired by 1960s Barcelona. Just as they were in the ’60s, playfulness and creativity are […]

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Bellerby & Co, Globemakers is a privately owned English company based in Stoke Newington, North London, specialising in the manufacture of artisanal handcrafted globes. Bellerby and Co are one of only two handmade globemaking companies in the world and the only one that makes handcrafted and handpainted globes with contemporary cartography. Founded by Peter Bellerby in 2008, the artisan studio was born when Bellerby struggled to find a quality globe for his father’s 80th birthday present… and so Bellerby and […]

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There no such place like a bio restaurant. Greenery all around you, fresh flavours and the certainty that all the products used for cooking were carefully cultivated make the lunch hour a wonderful experience. This is also the case with Pukka Tukka, a bio restaurant based in Bucharest, Romania. Smartly designed, the space features a cool interior where nature is permanent guest. A tall netting of twigs was displayed inside in order to create the atmosphere of a sunny coppice. […]

Labeled as a ‘world’s first’, a 27 meter-long (90 feet) glass bottomed swimming pool is set to be installed at Nine Elms, a riverside district under construction in south London. The so-called “sky pool” will be part of the Ballymore-developed Embassy Gardens, and will allow residents to don their swimwear and butterfly over to visit neighbors. Suspended ten storeys above ground, the pool will bridge two apartment buildings making it possible to swim between the two structures. The 20-cm (7.8-in) thick glass […]

Located in California, USA, the Oak Knoll Residence is a home designed by Jørgensen Design. The site for the house is a large plot of land dotted with full grown trees and vineyards. The project consists of two houses connected with glass. Each house is protected from the road with two ‘L’ Shaped walls – one is stone and one is cedar. A number of pieces behind these walls are arranged together around courtyards and terraces. In turn giving rise to […]

Designed by Medianyk Studio, 50 shades of coffee  is an apartment located in Azerbaijan, Baku. According to the architects: “Ambitious and self-sufficing, modern and extravagant – so we saw our customer. And these features our designers reflected in the interior of apartments, where you can clearly see man accent. Project “50 shades of coffee” is contemporary style for young man, who lives in Baku (Azerbaijan). Laconic and attractive interior is added with “tasty” details. Still the main concept of this design […]

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Located in Ypsonas, Cyprus, the Radial House is a private residence designed by Tsikkinis Architecture Studio in 2013. The particular promiscuity with the adjacent dwellings and the consequential sense of “oppression” generated from the site, led the designers to exclude a horizontal architecture for a vertical design, because the house could be as isolated as possible from the context. All rooms would be aligned radially, bordering the courtyard in one direction. Each unit is therefore adjoined to its neighbor at each corner. […]

Owners Susan Clampitt and Jeremy Waletzky embarked on a yearlong, top-to-bottom renovation with KUBE Architecture that resulted in a two-story living space, an open kitchen and a rear patio space KUBE architecture is a modern architecture studio that challenges the norms of daily life and attempts to reinterpret ways of working and living in the built environment. The owners of this home love to cook, and their first requirement was a “cook’s kitchen” as the centerpiece of the house. In […]