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Located in Vancouver, Canada, Vanglo House is a project completed jointly by LWPAC & Vanglo. The Vanglo house has been designed as a truly urban dwelling for a compact inner city infill site, in the centrally located Main Street area of Vancouver. This required a departure from typical Vancouver housing typologies. This Vanglo house is situated on a unique lot and designed to take full advantage of its sixty-six feet of sunny southern exposure by laying out a linear floor plan. With […]

Casa MR is a concrete holiday retreat designed by local architect Luciano Kruk. The architect built a property of two halves to retain the natural slope of the site, and used the peak of the sand dune to support one end of the upper storey.  Casa MR is a concrete holiday retreat located in a vegetated and sandy plot on the Costa Esmeralda, outside the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The imposing holiday retreat is clad in wood and concrete and features […]

The Swedish city of Gothenburg is unique in it’s ability to offer the convinces of urban life while still feeling like a small town. Nordhemsgatan 27 is a lovely apartment features Scandinavian design. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, this bright and cheery modern apartment seen on  Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör enhances that idea while adding a warmer tone to the overall appearance through carefully chosen patterns and textures. It offers the modern amenities of Scandinavian design, all within a short walk of the city center. The […]

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Whipple Russell Architects designed Summit House, which is located in Beverly Hills, California, USA. The stunning home is an orchestra of elements, textures, and patterns, coming together to create an exquisite whole. Complete with an underwater view of the pool and a bowling alley on the lower level, the Summit House is also designed to provide fun to Holiday and other gatherings. An outdoor fire pit and exterior spiral staircases add to the striking, contemporary design to it along with a massive, floral […]

Discover a luxury hotel on the Mediterranean in one of Europe’s most dynamic cities, Barcelona. A blissful retreat, cultural hub, meeting space and fine dining destination rolled into one. A place where exceptional service comes as standard, and every guest is made to feel part of the family. Welcome to the Hotel Arts Barcelona! Designed by the distinguished architect Bruce Graham of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, the Hotel Arts is part of Barcelona’s recent cultural renaissance, and as modern as the city […]

Designed by SYAA, the Casa B project is located in Bucharest, Romania. Here, a young family found the perfect lot for a modern, urban house away from the city’s noise and traffic. The area has a specific micro fauna and flora ecosystem: pheasants, squirrels, and all sorts of wild birds are seen around these parts. Thus, in designing the terraces, windows, and interior spaces, we took into consideration the presence and vicinity of the lake and this unexpected nature. The lot’s dimensions […]

Regarding its appearance, the hotel located in Dohány street, which was rebuilt from the ruins of the former Hungaria Spa in 2010, successfully combines the elements of Secession, Art Deco and modern design. Due to the restoration (and partly to amendments), it has regained all of its former ornaments, including reliefs, lamps and friezes, thus inspiring the young artists. Continental Hotel Budapest  is a luxurious hotel and it has been recognized as a winner in the Top Hotels for Romance […]

The Urban Treehouse is a home located in Berlin, Germany.  The Urban Treehouse by SUITE.030 on Quermatenweg in Zehlendorf are likely to be the city’s most desirable temporary housing agency’s biggest coup. The Urban Treehouse is a place to get away, to play, to think and change your perspective; a place of inspiration and regeneration. With 28 sqm each and 4 m high up the two tree houses offer all the amenities one could ask for. The 650 sqm garden property […]

Located in Shanghai, China, Wulumuqi Road Apartment is a project completed by SKEW Collaborative. In the re-design of this apartment, the original flat roof was partially demolished to give way to an attic. The alteration and addition of Wulumuqi Road Apartment was an interpretation of a local policy of urban beautification in Shanghai. There was a city-wide policy where pitched tiled roofs were being added to roofs of modern commune housing built in the 40s to 50s that were considered devoid of […]

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Smart pots know exactly what a flower or a vegetable needs in order to grow beautifully. Realised by Estonian company Click and Grow, the collection below features pots, refills and garden starter kits that share one common value: smartness. ‘The heart of every Click and Grow product is the nano material growth medium or as we call it – the Smart Soil. It has a specially formulated chamber structure which ensures that the rootzone has superior aeration at all times‘, the […]

A garden is more than a plot of ground where flowers and herbs are cultivated if you have Studio H Landscape Architecture by your side. With several creative tips, an accessible financial plan and a capital of energy, you will be able to transform the back yard into a wonderful paradise. First of all, you have to visually divide the garden in distinct areas: barbecue, leisure, dining, entertainment, sports etc. Once you have the whole set-up prepared, it will be […]

Designed in 2014 by Ehrlich Architects, McElroy Residence is a private home located in Laguna Beach, California, USA. This 7,800-square-foot house is nestled at the end of a cul-de-sac in a private community with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. The owners asked Ehrlich Architects to design a contemporary house for indoor-outdoor living. The clients, who swim or surf daily, wanted panoramic views of the water, sustainable materials requiring little maintenance in the salty air, and a design that adhered to […]

Beverly Hills House is a residence located in Beverly Hills, California. New York City-based studio Jendretzki transformed last year a Hal Levitt mid-century house into a 5,000 square foot, contemporary home in Beverly hills, the famous suburb in California.The main idea was to open the house in order to connect the exterior with the interior. This was possible by installing sliding glass doors from floor to ceiling and also wood installed indoors that continues on the deck outside. Partitions were […]

A conservatory is a room having glass roofing and walls, typically attached to a house on only one side, used as a greenhouse or a sunroom. Smaller garden conservatories have become popular, which may be dual-function, equally devoted to horticulture and recreation, or favor the latter, as a solarium or sunroom. The sunroom represents the most wonderful retreat in the house. Designed to admit a large amount of sunlight, sun parlours or porches have a strong connection with the exterior, thus offering […]

Architect Andrew Franz has transformed this old caviar warehouse into an eclectic spectacular loft. Originally built in 1884, the building is located in Manhattan’s land marked Tribeca North area and displays authenticity throughout. Despite the industrial feel, all rooms are vivid and original.  With flexible living in mind, the architects envisioned open entertaining spaces and an great connection with the outdoors. This residential project presented in the photos below is a renovation of the 3,000-square-feet of a caviar warehouse transformed into eclectic spectacular loft. According to the […]

Indian architectural practice note-D has completed a luxury residential dwelling near Alibag, a town in the country’s Maharashtra state. The region, which is a short boat ride away from Mumbai, is quickly becoming a much-desired destination for weekend breaks and vacations. The Tomoe Villas building is a different  interpretation of traditional Indian courtyard houses. The central plaza has been manipulated to dissolve the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space, with the resultant spiral geometry providing a range of enclosed and shaded volumes.The […]

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