Scandinavian design is so versatile that you can use it for holiday chalets, urban flats and stylish contemporary residences. In fact, its characteristic of being timeless makes the inhabitants feel relaxed and connected to contemporaneity. Spotted on, the apartment below is bright, spacious and very welcoming. Transparency and smooth communication between spaces are key when it comes to Scandinavian design. The kitchen, the dining area and the living room share one open space, allowing the owners to move freely around. Stay stick […]

Spring has sprung, and everywhere I look things are in bloom! I’m the kind of person that absolutely can’t have too much greenery around my home. Got a corner of your house in need of a pick-me-up? Wouldn’t a plant be just perfect for that space?! But you need something dramatic, something eye-catching, something substantial. Shop unique and handmade items directly from creative people around the world. For today we present you 10 Modern Wooden Flower Pots Ready to Buy from […]

If you have decided to design with white your apartment, then the project realised by TS Studio should be a trustful source of inspiration. The colour is pure and versatile, reliable and confident, generous, yet difficult to ‘preserve’ on a long term. We all wonder how immaculate the interior feels after several parties and some creative kids around. But, worry not! There are solutions to keep the house tidy and welcoming even when painting it in white. Of course, passionate chefs […]

Organic architecture reflects harmony between human habitat and the natural landscape. You will discover how marvellous this connection is after browsing the gallery of the project realised by Gilbartolome Architects in Granada, Spain. Embedded deep into the cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, the residence integrates with the landscape and features original interiors inspired by the sea. It’s not a secret that nature dominated the working team; you notice this strong relation from the beginning. What’s even more spectacular is the fact that […]

A luxurious residence usually features a global sense of artistry. Of course, there are a lot of sophisticated details that seduce us and generous spaces that give the impression the inhabitants experience infinite fields inside. But I think there is always much more than this that makes you label a home extravagant. For example, the dwelling below located in Jupiter Island, Thailand and designed by Greenwich based studio, Voce DI ID. The symbiosis experienced inside is a sign of maturity, elegance and tranquility. Taking wood as […]

Rustic elements can easily integrate into a contemporary layout. Spotted on, the apartment below is located in a historical beautiful area from Bucharest, Romania and it features a lot of decorative objects and items of furniture that seem borrowed from our grandparents’ homes. If you are a big fan of this design, you should only pay attention to the ‘amount’ of tradition you opt to bring inside. When gathering too much from too many sources, the interior risks to look outdated, crowded and […]

Creating an extension of indoor living is one of the favorite hobbies of a layman. Making a beautiful outdoor in the form of a garden always creates a natural and soothing environment and to achieve desirable results we have plenty of techniques to make a wonderland into our lawn by beautifying our surroundings.Putting an outdoor fountain or waterfall as a garden decorative structure reinvigorates the natural ambiance of our garden and breaks its silence. It brings the residence much closer […]

I love the nautical style for its lovely tones and ‘lying on the beach’ feeling. Spotted on, the house below features large open spaces flooded by natural light. Yes, this is a must if you want to escape on the shore everyday. Ask your architect to design large windows or even skylights if the roof permits so that you can enjoy generous infusions of light that make space look airy, bright and welcoming. When decorating, take blue as your favorite […]

A Parisian home is like a poem. Work of an intense imaginative process, the interior guides you into a reverie. Although the style has not been characterised by specialists, there is always something specific that makes you associate it with the atmosphere of the capital of France. I usually call them retreats of beauty because they have the power to seduce us, making the interiors fascinating. The home spotted on reflects this spirit. A clear background with definite lines where […]

A sunny residence with impressive rooms resulted after Evan Braun Design remodeled the mid-century house below. Functionality and sustainability were the major principles according to which the team redesigned the interior, but also a reflexive tranquility that inspires the inhabitants of the house. Firstly, the team began with a fresh, new floor plan that allowed a smart reorganization: the open kitchen communicates with the dining area, the living room enjoys a wonderful landscape through large transparent windows, as well as the bedroom which is surrounded by […]

Patterns are dynamic, catchy and very stylish. When you do not know how to improve the aesthetic of your home, you can rely on them. From all the methods designers embrace to make interiors creative and welcoming, geometric patterns are the easiest to approach. Spotted on, the apartment below proves it wholeheartedly. Tiles, carpets, paintings, and decorative wallpapers – they all share the enthusiasm of playing with geometric pattern. When mixing them, pay attention to colors and textures. Here, a hot blue sofa […]

Living in a floating house is similar to a permanent holiday. I’ve never had such an experience, but I can imagine that admiring an infinite lake every morning must be very relaxing. Spotted on, X-Float is located in Rural Rd Kanchanaburi, Thailand and it was designed as an evolution of the traditional raft. The flat structure used for transportation on the water functioned like a model for the Agaligo Studio‘s architects who wanted to create something modern, flexible and functional. […]

The principles of the classic interior design rely on harmony and stability. Realized by Arch Predmet studio, the flat in the gallery below was designed with this spirit and it is located in Moscow, Russia. First of all, the team decided to make spaces communicated easily and opted for an open layout. As a result, the kitchen, the dining area and the living room are connected, letting the inhabitants feel free around the house. As you can easily notice, the apartment features splendid […]

KNOF design has completed its first major commission: the remodelling of a spectacular 360° penthouse in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, uniting two separate apartments into a single 3,600 sqft space. The new, one-storey penthouse features floor-to-ceiling glazing all the way round and offers its owners incredible panoramic views over the city and adjacent mountains with all the benefits of continuous natural light, from sunrise through to sunset. The brief from the client was to merge two existing properties (an east and […]

Spending time on a roof terrace is more delightful than it would have been in an ordinary garden because you have the opportunity to admire the world from above. Spotted on, the Bamboo House below features an amazing retreat on top, as well as others interior leisure corners inspired by the natural landscape. Developed horizontally, the concept of the building relies on the idea of fluidity and integration. The residence is located in a serene landscape of Brno, Czech Republic, and it almost incorporates the […]

Designed by Andrea Pelati Architecte, the villa is located near the centre of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Vila SAH is is a compact, elegant home that wraps itself around you. It settles on a small plot surrounded by quite massive houses. Therefore, the house is concentrated in a compact volume, seeking for openings and light vertically. The house, looking like a robust box, despite its small appearance, is quite spacious. We’ve got one main floor that accommodates the kitchen, the dining area […]