How many times have you shied away from using color in your modern living room because you felt that it would seem ungainly and a touch too gaudy? But this vibrant private residence designed by Suite Arquitetos will surely change your view on color in a contemporary home as it embraces pops of blue, orange, red, yellow and even purple with a sense of glee. Casa IV is a vibrant private home located in São Paulo, Brazil. The home has an undeniable […]

Spanish interior and industrial designer Francesc Rifé of Francesc Rifé Studio has recently completed the interior of the Caro Hotel. Urban, independent, contemporary, centric, unrepeatable, unique… They have been tagged in many ways but, however, none of them can completely describe them. This 5-star, 26 room hotel is situated in an historical building in the heart of Valencia, the third largest city in Spain. There is nothing comparable to experience Caro Hotel firsthand: 26 comfortable and inviting rooms, each different from the […]

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Apartment in Moscow is a project completed by Interierium. The contemporary home is located in Moscow, Russia. Located on the 21th floor of an apartment building in Moscow, this contemporary crib with a strong character was designed by architects of the design-studio Interierium Elena Vasilchuk and Ivan Ureka. For this project, architects have re-planned the layout of a 55 square-meter (595 square-foot) apartment, maximizing its efficiency. They have moved kitchen to the hall area, placing bedroom of full value in place of former […]

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Iceland is hot property right now! With a landscape that boasts many of the world’s most sought after geological wonders, it’s no surprise why. It is not that often that you get to enjoy a place whose waters are clearer than the sky itself. But if you ever go to the chilly country of Iceland, you will find out that the Blue Lagoon is one of those places. In a cold island Blue Lagoon is a definitely a small patch of […]

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Great toilet paper holder! Great for homes and hotels alike, the Cloud is a wall-mounted storage and display unit with cumulus-like scallops that perfectly fit toilet paper rolls. With this handsome concrete design, toilet paper no longer has to hide in a closet or bin that is better used for other things. The space-efficient and attractive item lets you discard the packaging and see the playful side of everyday objects. Designed by Frenchman Betrand Jayr and manufactured by Lyon Béton, the […]

Organizing a living room and finding that perfect balance between form and function is indeed a lot harder than it sounds. Each living room has its own floor plan and limitations in terms of space, and of course every homeowner has his or her own idea of the ambiance it needs to exude. With the increasing digitization of literature, the need for space-consuming bookcases has diminished. The majority of images to follow demonstrate the same space-sensitive principle by wall-mounting shelves […]

Situated in the small Catalan town of Olot, next to the volcanic Garrotxa National Park, Les Cols Pavellons could easily be considered one of the most unusual accommodations in Spain. The property offers guests an unusual type of accommodation featuring zen décor rooms with glass floors and walls. The property consists of a Michelin-starred restaurant housed in a 13th century farmhouse and 5 glass-and-steel pavilions designed by the skillful architects of RCR-Aranda-Vilalta-Pigem studio. Each “room” looks like a crystal cube […]

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Located in Chelsea, London, England, this lovely small apartment is a remodeling project carried out by City Interiors. Apart from the existing staircase position this house was completely remodeled. Extended sideways; at the rear and to optimize the use of our skill sets, a basement was excavated and constructed to fill the entire footprint of the site. The living room features glass floor which transmits light from the glass pitched roof over the ground floor side extension in to the lower […]

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Do you live in a small apartment? Many of us whether by choice or necessity live in smaller apartments. We often get the feeling that some of the projects we present on DesignRulz don’t get the attention they deserve. Located on the 18th floor of an apartment building in Moscow, this contemporary home was envisioned by architect Alexandra Fyodorova. You probably remember some of the work of the designer previously published on DesignRulz, such as this minimalist crib with a […]

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The Hillside House construction in the hills of Mill Valley California, right in opposite the famous Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Hillside House designed by SB Architects. The Hillside House is a unique home custom home in Marin County, and one of only a handful in Northern California. Designed by Scott Lee, majority partner at SB Architects, as his personal residence every inch of this home has been designed in direct response to the site, trees and views. Carved […]

The Mororó House is in a mountainous region, 180 km from the city of São Paulo, known for its low temperatures. This 65-metre-long house in the Brazilian countryside was designed by Studio MK27 to be opaque at one end and transparent at the other. The architecture sought to create generous internal spaces for the cold days, such as, for example, a cozy living room and an enclosed bathhouse with a pool, where the views can be appreciated while being protected […]

‘Jardín 58’ is a residential project located in mexico city’s san angel neighborhood, south west of the city center.This Mexico City residence by DCPP Arquitectos features pivoting doors and sliding glass walls, allowing rooms to open out to the cobbled and herringbone-brickwork courtyards around its perimeter.  The shape of the house takes advantage of the plot’s dimensions, maximizing available living space. This is achieved by articulating a series of outdoor areas around a central garden, encouraging external living. The house was […]

Armadale House 1 is a private residence located in Melbourne, Australia. It was designed by Mitsuori Architects in 2013. The long narrow lot meant a compact, original house, while the homeowners wanted more space. The design concept proposed a sculptural two level addition which connects seamlessly to the north facing landscaped courtyard, terrace and garden. The Victorian home’s large, modern addition was designed by Mitsuori Architects to have a strong presence from the rear, while being hidden from the street. Special consideration was […]

Located in Utrecht, The Netherlands, the Recreation House is a private residence designed by Zecc Architecten. The design has been realized by a special collaboration between Zecc and interior designer Roel van Norel. Zecc designed the basic concept of the house and then Roel van Norel has developed the plan all the way into the smallest detail and has built the house together with the contractor. In the rural area north of Utrecht a compact recreation house has been realized. The house […]

Finished in 2015, Lounge Zone is located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. Lounge Zone is a landscaping project completed by SVOYA studio. The cozy and very compact patio in the center of Dnepropetrovsk has been converted into a multifunctional lounge area, where you can spend time with comfort admiring the beauty of nature in a small oasis of the noisy city. Concrete panels from SVOYA studio gave solidity to space with rich but not oversaturated detailing. The roof with tinted glass and fogging system […]

Eclectic bars are one of my favourites. With their frenzy to combine decorative styles and statements, you never get bored. This is also the case with Nuka Bistro below, a cozy, eclectic restaurant designed by Gosho Stefanov in Cluj, Romania. The special bistro is located inside of a historical building which was constructed a few hundred years ago in the city centre. The interior design reinvents the origins of the location, being inspired by classic French style. Meanwhile, contemporary insertions create contrast and […]

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