Every yacht has a defining feature, one that illustrates her true personality in an instant. The French have a good phrase: raison d’etre, or reason for existence. In the case of the new Benetti Classic Supreme 132, I discovered it on the main deck as I wandered. The Classic Supreme 132 is the newest of the Benetti Class yachts, which range from 93 to 145 feet (28 to 44 meters). The Class series is intended as a semi-production motoryacht that draws […]

Who says you can not create a small jungle at home? With raw tastes and bold spirits, designers from Mr. Mitchell studio succeeded in transforming this 1960′s apartment into a stylish retro crib. As you can easily notice, tall plants, wooden tambourines and prints with jungle motifs make the inhabitants feel free in crowded South-Yarra, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Relying on hot contrasts and original pieces of furniture, the space invites you to relax, dream and create. No doubt that the custom-made and […]

A summer exploring one of the most high-end islands of the Indian Ocean must be a holiday to remember! After surfing on the internet for luxurious destinations, we found the North Island Villa, a rare sanctuary in Seychelles where natural habitats were rehabilitated and endangered flora and fauna were reintroduced. On this beautiful site, a private lodge was built, providing accommodation, services, facilities and experiences that worth trying. Secretly hidden among palm trees, the villa spreads out across multi-tiered levels, descending down […]

Be it little or grandiose, old fashioned or contemporary, modest or luxurious, a bathroom needs our attention when designing the house for its one, unique characteristic: pampering sanctuary. With several bright ideas and a designer’s helpful hand, you’ll succeeded in creating a place to gratify your senses at home. When imaging the entire set-up, think of a focal point that will later complement with other accessories: a wooden cabinet, a vintage golden mirror, a transparent shower room, a ‘carpet’ of white […]

I hope we all agree on the fact that having a bubble bath in a secret place, among palm trees and ferns resembles to a heaven-like scenario. As we can not move in the jungle for such pleasures, we thought it would be sufficient to recreate the wilderness at home. Those with huge lots around the house are on the list. Pick a private area near a water source and ask a garden designer to give a helpful hand. I know […]

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Looking like a spacecraft, Krysha Cafe below represents a rendering project realized by Grosu Art Studio, an office specialized in outstanding, value-based and timeless designs. Although the items may not be on the market at the moment, they can still inspire us to create something exciting. The space looks like a tube animated by various lighting objects, textures and volumes. Amazed by the fluorescence atmosphere, the visitors experience various combinations of colors and lights in a cafe that incite all the senses. The bar is a […]

Designed to make the most of a steep site, this private home in Sydney’s south has created great spaces to enjoy the view of the water. The design features a covered main pavilion with a fully equipped kitchen including a sink, fridge and wood fire pizza oven. This project is definitely a great place entertain and relax whilst enjoying the view of the water. Designed for entertainment it also includes a large dining area, sunken spa and wall mounted TV. […]

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Design by Unsangdong Architects, Ocean Imagination is an eye-catching proposal combines nature and the imagination in an effort to create the “best use of the infinite possibility of nature.” The main exhibition, an ‘Organism of Scenery’, took inspiration from the Korean seasons – in spring, flowers bloom everywhere, in summer, the scenery contains dramatic waterfalls and thick forests, in fall, the leaves on the trees turn yellow and in winter, a blanket of snow lay on the ground.

John Lum Architecture were the interior architects for this new, 5,500 square foot house located in Downtown Palo Alto. The house features a large great room with open kitchen, a private study, a mudroom and a powder room on the first floor. Three bedrooms, two baths, and a master suite on the second floor, and a basement rec. room and guest suite on the lower floor complete this elegant home. A separate guesthouse is attached at the rear. Located on […]

In 2011 Bloem and Lemstra Architects won a competition for the design of a new villa in the dunes of Bergen aan Zee, a small town at the Dutch coast approximately 1 hour driving from Amsterdam.  We recently received some photos of this project, a contemporary house defined by an optimum indoor-outdoor connection. Here is the official description from the project developer: “On the ground floor a direct connection between the living room and the garden and the lounge area on the floor above exploits […]