Set in Queensland’s tropical north, the Planchonella House embraces its rainforest surroundings. Designed by architect Jesse Bennett and his wife, interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo, the Planchonella House makes the most of its tropical rainforest environment. The residence in Queensland, Australia is defined by playful concrete lines, inspired by the contours of the landscape: “As not to protrude out with the ridge, the profile is mirrored and cuts back. The simplistic approach and use of Lo-Fi technologies results in a raw […]

It is not difficult to create a cat paradise in your back yard or balcony. Giving your cat outdoor access is good, but only if the outdoor environment is inviting to your pet. By making a few simple, inexpensive changes to your garden, you can create a cat-friendly haven for your pet. Your cat is less likely to venture beyond the garden to neighboring gardens or across roads if you employ these techniques. (You can also view: 15 Cool Modern […]

Copenhagen based designer Ellinor Ericsson, has created the X-Me Collection, a group of furniture pieces that are adorned in a cross-stitch pattern. According to the designer description: “The X-Me Collection is a furniture concept developed by the question “Why does Nordic furniture design lack ornaments?”. In the project, nordic furniture design were compared to the adorned Rococo furnitures. The goal was to find a balance between the two different aesthetics, to bring the best from both. The result was a […]

Landscape architects frequently work to transform areas that contain industrial and toxic waste, infrastructure no longer in use, or land affected by war, natural disaster or disuse. These neglected places, while often having a negative impact on the environment and surrounding community, are simultaneously part of our cultural heritage. Here we’ve selected several of the most original and inventive examples of landscape design from across the world for your inspiration, from urban to suburban, public spaces to private residences. A unique […]

The macrame technique comes handy for making all sorts of home décor items and accessories, from wall hangings and curtains to bracelets, belts and jackets. It is often the best option when it comes to handmade designer plant hangers. If you love gardening, but don’t have any open space for housing plants, think about having a hanging garden, where you can grow your favorite orchids and flowers in small pots hanging from rope hangers. For today we gather 20 DIY […]

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Lounging, chatting, reading and even meditating are activities we do in our living rooms. When we invite friends at the dinner, we need a seamless flow between spaces, several secluded areas for private discussions and effortless access to powder room, terrace and kitchen. On the other hand, if you are home alone, you simply want a comfy sofa to relax, a king size TV set to watch movies and a window to admire the stars after sunset. Therefore, we gathered […]

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It’s not very often that you come across something this creative and fascinating…. With the use of texture balloons, Sarah DeRemer created realistic animals and critters with enhanced colors and exaggerated features. The texture balloons show scales on sea creatures like turtles and crabs while fur-like balloons give life to land animals like squirrels and dogs. These amazing balloon animals combine the talent of balloon making with photoshop to come up with these insanely cool animals.   DeRemer graduated with […]

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Nestled in the quiet and protected development of Villa Wang Nam Jai at the end of Millionaire’s Mile, Villa Wang Nam Jai provides guests with the most exclusive and finest villa retreat in Phuket. Wang Nam Jai combines visual elements of Asian style architecture with a Western design and full-length sliding glass doors and vaulted wooden ceilings lend the rooms an air of liberty and affluence. The design of the villa is truly unique and simple spanning over five floors ranging […]

If you happen to be building a house, and it’s going to be higher than one floor, you’ll probably need a staircase. In most people’s homes a staircase is just a functional means of travelling from one floor to another. Usually there is nothing very remarkable about a staircase, though some are more attractive than others. It used to be that you had a choice. So much of the time, stairs look as if they were ignored until the last minute […]

Martin Gomez Arquitectos designed the Pricila House in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pricila House was a bet to a district resurgence. In Buenos Aires, “River” was a residential district that ended up discredited due to the River Plate soccer mega stadium and its recitals. With the resurgence of the Nuñez neighbourhood, River (located just steps away) started to recover its splendor in hand with new institutions, projects, and high-class restaurants. The house opens completely to its interior, highlighting its tropical garden, like an […]

Designed by Gebara Conde Sinisgalli Arquitetos, the house of 350 m² was set in a land of 54,000 m² in Flamengo Beach in Ubatuba,  Brasil. The house was designed in ways that respect the environment. Therefore, the use of precast materials such as wood frame and metal roofs, were decisive. Also the dimensions of the walls (width and height) of the blocks were the result of avoiding losses and waste. The stones used were taken from the land itself. The use of […]

If you plan to spend breezy evenings outside, explore the gallery of deck designs below and pick the construction that fits for your house. Frequently built from wood, the open platforms offer space for entertainment, dining and meditation. As for the layout, you have several main types that can accommodate harmoniously to various architectural styles. Use sleek, sparse, modern design features, if you own a contemporary residence founded on clean lines. Elements of classical architecture are suitable in sumptuous terraces. Built […]

The Air Collection is a collection of modern outdoor sofas designed by Manutti Designer Studio. The collection is available for view in Jardin de Ville’s showrooms in various Canadian cities, including Montreal, Quebec City, and Toronto. The frame is constructed of powder-coated stainless steel and covered in Iroko, an exotic wood that recalls the warmth and charm of the 1970’s. The version including an aluminum top creates a more contemporary style. The LED lighting which is integrated underneath the structure of the […]

Casa el Patio is a residential project completed by Lucas Mc Lean. The home is located in La Esmeralda, Argentina. The project was built in Costa Esmeralda, a private enterprise with 1000 ha and more than 3km of Atlantic coast, 390 km from the City of Buenos Aires. The project reinterprets the courtyard typology. The morphology of the plan is structured around a tight and absorbing space, sheltered from strong winds and low winter temperatures. The courtyard, protagonist on the side access, acts […]

California-based studio Rockefeller Partners Architects has designed the Banyan Treehouse. Completed in 2009, this 172 square foot studio/guest house is located in Nichols Canyon, an area in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles County, California, USA. Rockefeller Partners was originally commissioned by this client to design a house that was ultimately never realized. Working together once again on this project, architect and client were able to revisit some of the design elements that they had originally explored in a different context, such […]

Do you love country kitchens? Then Minacciolo is your favorite furniture factory! While this Italian design firm’s kitchen creations reflect a certain country styling, they seem to possess an elegant,a refined quality more suitable for a luxurious metropolitan home than a country cottage or farmhouse. English Mood offers an unprecedented country style that is elegant and refined. Its style makes every room feel elegant whether you live in the country or the city; or whether you have a house by […]

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