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Sparkly, twinkling, traditional and modern; These Outdoor Christmas decorations are beautiful both indoors and outside! Iconic Christmas items are sweet in miniature form. Put a collection together, combining little parcels, pine cones and traditional lanterns for a built-up layered look. also view : 25 Ideas of How to Make a Wood Pallet Christmas Tree Christmas lights are number one in creating a festive mood, and even if there are no other decorations, these lights will make you think of Christmas. We […]

West Village Duplex is a private residence created by Manhattan interior design firm NYC Interior Design. NYC Interior Design recently completed a renovation and redesign of a duplex in the West Village. The duplex, West Village Duplex is a 2500 square foot 3BR 3BA residence featuring a living room, dining room and kitchen in an open layout. The top level included the open floor plan, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The lower floor included the master bedroom bedroom, office area, walk in closet, […]

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TheMACNABS have recently designed this modern vintage loft located in Vancouver’s industrial loft land. The Mecca loft building is located in Mt Pleasant’s up and coming Brewery Creek district. This 1350 sq/ft loft is one of the rare ones which includes; 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a roof top patio, a secret door to a hidden office, and a sweet view of Grouse Mountain. The arrangement of the home has a clean and formal look which helps to accentuate the intricate […]

Located in Vancouver, this luxury penthouse in Vancouver with stunning views was distinctly designed to capture and maximize incredible water and mountain views. Exquisite and sophisticated, the interior of this Fairmont Pacific Rim apartment reflects the lively colours of the Orient, creating a truly outstanding, bright and cheerful interior. The sharp colours, the glossy surfaces, together with the amazing panoramic views over the mountains and the bay will impress even the most picky people with exigent design tastes. A private terrace […]

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Away from some sumptuous villas of the island, this house made of natural materials is located in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain. The home creates a strong impression of a vacation home and being in some resort. The walls and ceiling are just whitewashed, and the floors are covered with natural wood, that looks very inviting. Thus house was designed for family holidays where the natural surroundings and exterior spaces are as important as the interiors one. The furniture is rustic, shabby chic […]

Located in  Tapalpa, Mexico, House MM presented an unusual challenge for us. Two brothers who owned a considerable stretch of land in Tapalpa approached us with the intention of building two separate houses. As we dug into the project´s needs we realized that both of our clients had similar needs an while they didn’t mind, and in fact preferred. That the houses share a common language, each one had to convey its own singular personality. This creative project is composed of two […]

This picture-perfect home is located in Portland, Oregon, USA. From the outside, it’s rather run-of-the-mill and unassuming. From the inside? A beautiful balance of mid-century and industrial design that’s warm, welcoming, and comfortable. To no surprise, the man behind this look, Brian Faherty, is the founder of one of our favorite online shops, Schoolhouse Electric. A home for two parents and three young children, the interior reflects the family’s vibrancy with the liveliness of its color palette. Just like his home, […]

Ridgewood by GA Design is apartment with a modern luxury interior design, and it can be found in India, within a suburb of Mumbai called Jogeshwari. The abode impresses with a light, airy and sophisticated look that was achieved with the help of numerous glass features complemented by white walls and sheer curtains. The primary color palette is based on shades of gray, orange and white. The living room is the main social area within the apartment and impresses with a […]

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Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pedro House was designed by VDV ARQ. The home was completed in 2013 and measures 3,444 square feet. Pedro House was created for 3 generations of a single household – a father, his daughter and his two grandchildren and it is a medium scale family housing that responds to the requirements of an active social life, flexible spaces and visual amplitude, emphasizing the privacy. “The brief was primarily based on two premises: open spaces with a powerful partnership to the […]

Cozy Atmosphere with an industrial interior design! Karakoy House was designed by Ofist and it is located in Istanbul, Turkey. The design approach of the house however was ‘not to have too many ideas’. We evaluated the entire house as a whole and single space since its layout was to be designed for a single person’s use, and all the spaces was planned to be entwined together. There was no need for dividing the space into many small rooms. Therefore, we didn’t need different […]

Located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, this private villa renovation with vertical garden was carried out in 2014 by MM++ architect and the intention was to turn the existing construction, a “pastiche” art deco, into a contemporary villa with clean lines and open spaces while keeping the entire existing concrete structure. The dwelling was transformed to include simplified and minimally expressed forms, while allowing for increased openings and daylight to the interior spaces. The cost saving, which represents around 30% of […]

This lofty apartment is located in a former chocolate factory in Stockholm, Sweden. Discovered by Designrulz on, this lofty apartment displays comfortable living spaces with a powerful aesthetic appeal. This lofty apartment in Stockhom, Sweden impressed us with its original layout and stylish decorating scheme.  With modern furniture blending in with all that white, the three bedroom home measures 1,345 square feet and is on a third floor. view also: Stylish Lofty Apartment in the Heart of Stockholm Currently for sale, this […]

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This nice apartment design is appropriate for you who love outstanding design. Kiev-based studio Yunakov Architecture Construction has designed the interior of this 1,076 square foot, two bedroom, two bath apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. There are two main features that characterize this apartment: the use of contrastive nuances and items that create an artistic ambiance. The combination of bright color creates positive atmosphere for the interior of this living place. You should add these designs in your own house to […]

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Hotel Casa San Agustin is a hotel located in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Cartagena de Indias, in Colombia. Its three buildings are constructed in the Colonial style, with white-washed walls and rich wood-beamed ceilings. The hotel’s 24 beautifully decorated guest rooms and six spacious suites showcase an authentic Colombian style while seamlessly incorporating the modern services and amenities that contemporary travelers seek. Many of the hotel’s guest rooms and suites can be configured into two- or three-bedroom suites, making […]

Designed by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura, Tropical Loft, a 238m2 room created by Gisele Taranto as part of the event Casa Cor Rio 2014, the biggest and most important event of national architecture and decoration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The challenge of this project was to make the audience feel at home while admiring Deca products without having the feeling of being inside a showroom. With this in mind we designed a loft divided into two areas: social and intimate, divided only […]

Aemer Architects proposed a black and white interior design for a private luxury mansion, located in Singapore. Its connection with the waterfront is on all levels: from structure, to the transparent interior and the timber deck extending from the house into the pier. Aemer Architects also varied the spaces of the house sectionally. In the first storey, the living and dining spaces were expressed as one fluid, continuous entity surrounded by water features and landscaping, while in the second storey, the spaces are divided into […]

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