Designed by ONG&ONG, One Tree Hill is a contemporary modern house located in Singapore. The home’s open and elegant design allows for a flawless transition between the interior and the lush exterior that rounds it.

October Field was created by ZE|Workroom studio and it is located in Moscow, Russia. This trendy apartment has an area of approximately 1,100 square feet, and was designed with a young family in mind. The spacious apartment was divided into the public and the private areas: “The first is a common space of three functional blocks (lounge, kitchen and living room

Designed by A-dlab,this contemporary residence is located in Singapore, Australia. Built on a sloping landscape, the architects kept the built form above street level by making the roofs appear as folds and peels in the landscape. This project looks for a house integrated in the local landscape and tradition, respectful with the environment and full of corners wher

Completed by studio Maziar Behrooz Architecture, the Arc House was designed for a couple and their two dogs. Its industrial appearance is a result of adapting the residence to its site, located under a flight path of the local airport and close to a train track. The architects considered this fact and accentuated it in house’s exterior by making it looks like an a

Designed by Gatermann + Schossig, Haus Neufert is located in Cologne, Germany. The task was to construct a new, one-person building adjacent to the X1 heritage-protected house that was built by Peter Neufert in 1959-62. The rooms of the house are arranged around the patio, allowing the penetration of light into the core of the house.   The facility rooms are loc

Designed by deMx architecture , the Round Mountain House  is located in Goshen, AR, USA.  The house is separated into two sections, that separate public and private spaces: the “main frame” consists of public spaces: the carport, outdoor breezeway, the guest loft, and main living area; the “lean-to” or “saddle bag” contains private spaces: the laundry,

Located in Norway, this family dwelling, Villa Storingavika, was designed by Saunders Architecture. The main façade of the house faces south to the ocean while the balcony offers stunning views to the south and west.  The unique residence combines everyday comfort, flawless functionality and an awe-inspiring, contemporary style. The upper floor is to be used by

Transparency, lightness, elegant design. Designed by NAGA Architects and completed in 2011,  Dar Al Gurair is a stunning contemporary villa located in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The sophisticated home is perfect for the indoor-outdoor lifestyle, with open floor plan, walls of glass and the best quality in materials.           &nbs

Designed by Caroline Choker , we love this amazing vintage style interiors and furniture in this unique coffee house. Located in an old pie factory from the early 1900’s, The Grounds of Alexandria is the flagship venue for its specialty coffee. The Grounds of Alexandria has fast become Sydney’s sacred site for the caffeine keen. While most visitors come her

Renovated and furnished by Capital Building,  this contemporary single family house is located in Sydney’s coastal suburb South Coogee. Complemented by a generous infinity pool, the project displays a color palette defined by white and given warmth by inspired wooden additions.  According to the owner’s desire, the architect used a neutral color palette,