Living In A Tiny House Is Fun And Functional by Macy Miller

Larger homes are more costly in terms of building, taxes, heating, maintenance and repair. In addition to costing less, small houses may encourage a less cluttered and complicated life and reduced ecological impact for their residents. That’s the philosophy architect Macy Miller adopted few years ago: “Tiny works with me because I like simple. I don’t have a ton of ‘stuff’, I don’t want a ton of ‘stuff’. I don’t have extended family or kids to shelter. I am single and don’t plan on starting a family for a few years at least. I could afford to put visitors up in a hotel with the money I saved from not paying rent. My needs are simple. A simple house will be perfect for me.” Her house was built on the bed of a 24′ long (8 foot wide) flatbed trailer.  It was built on a trailer not as much to be mobile so much as to have a work around from building permits and codes. Macy designed the house and it was built with the help of her dad and her boyfriend, in their spare time. Feel free to let her a comment or a message if you have any question, on her blog,

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