Spotted on, this traditional home near Bucharest, Romania is absolutely fantastic. Dreamy colours, warm coziness, unexpected functionality and the grandma-is-here atmosphere make the crib a wonderful escape for the weekends. Before starting remodelling the house, a deep cleaning and reinforcement was needed. As you can easily notice, the flooring is rough lacquered wood which gives the interior a natural, unpretentious look. Moreover, due to its resistance, it will not require mending in the near future.  Not to mention that it […]

The eyes of our houses – windows, can become more beautiful and more stylish with a little bit of help from curtains. And indeed, every time you step into the room, the first things you notice are colors dominated in it, and how much light enters the room. So today, scientists and psychologists interested in colors open the door for us to a new level of understanding about how color affects our lives, feelings, homes, and moods. Since the house […]

The collage style is more an improvisation than a design per see. But this does not mean that you have the freedom to mix colours, textures, decorations and items of furniture without analysing the consequences. The approach is lively, original and it usually does not require expensive budgets, but it can turn against you if you put everything together chaotically. Explore the gallery with the house we spotted on and observe how the collage style works in a recently restored building. […]

Designed by Biro Gasperic, this project is located in Trata near Velesovo, Slovenia. This house was designed to be a perfect host to an experienced couple and their list of expectations and personal preferences. With kids all grown up the parents namely transformed back into a pair. Kids will be back of course, but now only as visitors. When the time has come for their kids to leave the home, the active, sporty couple in their fifties, decided to sell their dear, […]

Artsy style is timeless, catchy and always a good source of inspiration for your guests. Realised by Studio3plus, the apartment below features large open areas that communicate easily with each other and that share one common value: pure emotion for aesthetics. You discover this from the very first steps: the hallway welcomes you with a king size graphic wallpaper in dreamy colours. The image is so captivating that it generates delicacy and refinement for the entire loft. Also, an original […]

A rustic home interior can be very stylish and appealing if you opt for contemporary pieces of furniture and clear backgrounds. This is also the case with the amazing home we spotted on When you enter this house, you feel you turn back to the essential things. How do you obtain this at home? You rely on natural materials (for example wood, stone, clay) and borrow colors from the garden (green, beige, brown and light grey should be on the list). Also, […]

Do you need one more reason to visit Romania? Well, we suggest this amazing eco friendly lodge: The Valley of the Fairies Lodge which was built only with clay, wood, sand, stone and hay. So, if you look to re-create the beloved fairy tale experience in real life look no further than this lodge in Romania (Eastern Europe). It will surely satisfy your “dwarf” need, or your children’s. The owner started to build it in 2014 and now it seems it is close […]

Designed by q-bic architectural, Luca and Marco Baldini completed the bold project in less than 90 days. The unplastered pillars, the once-tiled now unceramiced walls, the one long, though sectioned, tree trunk table running almost the entire length of the restaurant, purposely rusty tables, the cookpot sinks in the toilets: all deliberately distressed touches of brilliance and bravery in a high-ceilinged and vast open space with a variety of moods. It is called a concept-restaurant, but is much more than […]

“Casa T” conveys atmosphere through open space planning and exotic, geometric forms of traditional patterns in bright colors, providing individual radiation and a residential feel. The House extends on an area of about 261 square metres area and enjoys with its modern architecture. Casa T is a project completed by Studio Arquitectos in 2015. It’s located in the La Veleta neighborhood of downtown Tulum. Minutes from old pueblo center of town, and about a 20 minute car ride to the public beaches […]

A lot of people like the look of exposed brick walls. Exposed brick walls have became famous in late 1900s. Since a lot of people found it as a perfect solution in older homes. They prefer them because it is less expensive to expose the brick of the walls than to repair it or replace them. In your home interiors, the ability to take one material and make it look a hundred different ways is the appeal of home design. […]

Ap Alves is a renovation project carried out by RSRG Arquitetos. The home is located in São Paulo, Brazil and was completed in 2014. According to the architects: “Apartment Alves is a small residence with spacious balcony which can be defined as a typical modern apartment. The owner is a young and single sport addict that was looking for a vast ambient where he could comfortably host get-togethers and arrange his sport material at the same time. By taking out the […]

Recently named “Airbnb’s Most Desirable Property Listing Worldwide”, Secluded Intown Treehouse is suite of three beautifully furnished rooms set among the trees. Just minutes from downtown, this secluded property is an urban retreat like no other. Secluded Intown Treehouse is a unique lodging option located in Buckhead, just a few minutes from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The treehouse consists of a suite of three interconnected rooms, spectacularly surrounded by lush trees and set to look like a fairytale. Centrally located within the heart of intown […]

In designing their own home, Melissa and Jacob Brillhart looked to the dogtrot house, a popular style of the Florida Cracker vernacular, which is characterized by a breezeway through the center. While they ended up enclosing the passageway to gain more square footage, they used a dogtrot diagram as the basic configuration. Occasionally a house makes the rounds on the architecture & design blogs that stands out from all of the rest. Ever since I saw the Brillhart House, it […]

A house on the beach to pamper your senses during hot summer days – is there anything we would enjoy more? Realised by Bromley Caldari, the house below features a wooden light structure that integrates harmoniously in the landscape and generous glass facades towards the sea. In fact, the architecture resembles an aspiring upward triangle that connects the beach with the sky. The interior is displayed in layers and every level enjoys amazing views due to the transparent glass facade. Moreover, a splendid […]

Designed by Studio EDAA, Casa Meztitla makes the most of the rocky landscape at the foot of Tepozteco mountain in Mexico. Casa Meztitla was designed as a holiday and retirement home for a couple in their sixties, who also wanted space to entertain their extended family and friends. Studio EDAA used volcanic rock and cement blocks to partially camouflage the building walls. The only element that reveals itself to the outside world — a massive monolithic white box that emerges through the […]

Designed by SquadOne Studio, this 120sqm flat is located in Enric Granados, Barcelona, Spain. Flat in Eixample is a project of renovation and modernization. According to the architect: “Our work consisted in updating the state of the flat restoring the original floors and ceilings that were originally painted by the same craftsmen from the Liceu. The interior design result is a new style mixing two identities: Asia and Barcelona, neutrally balanced in colors and materials. ”