Located in Kensington, Australia, this contemporary single family residence featuring clean lines and a neutral colour palette was designed by Cambuild.  Open flooring plans for homes is one way to enhance the aesthetics of the room. As well as, the open ground plans can also be a house answer to make your rooms look more spacious. In this way, even a smaller, m

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It’s not the configuration of the area; it’s the configuration of the plate! The lake and the mountain accompany you while you’re having your favorite soup and makes you evaluate nutrition in terms of sophisticated design. This plate is based on a landscape and the possibilities in arranging food on it are endless.The designer prompts us to pour the soup into th

Charlotte Perriand was a French architect and designer born in 1903 – 1999.  In 1934 Charlotte designed an easily constructable holiday house, which she named. “La Maison au bord de l’eau”. (the house on water ). Perriand’s design won second prize and was later reworked for wealthy vacationers, but the original scheme was never built. This  eco-friendly

Designrulz readers, we know how much you enjoy seeing an architecture project that has it all: creativity, efficiency and … sustainability. That is why we decided to write a post that will display 5 Best Sustainable Parking Systems. Algis Berziunas and Laima Rimkute designed this wonderful Green P parking system. The system features a lighting mechanism that

2LB House is a private residence designed by Raphaël Nussbaumer Architectes and completed in 2014. Located in Geneva, Switzerland, the landscape with the impressive cliffy Salève mountain inspired the design of a solid, autonomous and mineral volume. The project’s organization is based on a matrix of 3 x 3 units with a hall and staircase in the center. All e

Designed by David Pedroza Castañeda , this house is located in El Jonuco, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The site is densely populated by local trees that pose a serious design challenge: A house that enjoys the view of the mountains while respecting the existing ecosystem. Narigua house is a stone work humbly placed in an impressive landscape. The only possible solution w

Des Grands Jardins is a private residence located in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Quebec, Canada. This contemporary home stands out with its bold, vertiginous form. While the house is well anchored in the rock, the volume of white wood seems to lift from the ground as the lower level is set off by a series of large cement pilings. Designed by Bourgeois Lechass

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A creation of the advertising agency Fischer&Friends, the glass that only stands supported by the mobile phone rescues people from the online world and brings them back to the bar chat. Great ideas, when sitting and eating or drinking just give the phone a rest for a while.     

Jerusalem Mountains is a private residence designed by eran chehanowitz. It is located in Jerusalem, Israel, and flawlessly mixes more modern elements with rough and rustic ones. The house was built with local stone creating thick walls (50cm [20in]) with thermal insulation. Ceilings of 330cm (130in) height combining white oak doors and carpentry form restrained an

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With this in mind, Norwegian baby brand Stokke invited Permafrost to design their newest system. Stokke Steps is a modular children’s seating system takes care of your baby’s comfort starting from birth. This unique modular seating system adapts to your child, step by step. A highly versatile and user-friendly modular system that accommodates children̵

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The daring layout and colorful decorating additions to this modern home by  Gislene Lopes captured our undivided attention. This apartment in located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The interior has a vibrantly colorful design, and mixes a variety of textures and patterns to create a unique effect. A generously-sized open plan living room acts as the core of the hous

Sidlesham is an elegant home located in West Sussex, England, UK.The home has an airy quality, with a bright and spacious interior, and a pale color palette. The heart of the house is a charming living room, divided in functional areas: a dining room for six, lounge zone, reading corner and entrance hallway. One of the most powerful features of the project’s layou

Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2 Oaks House is a private residence designed by OBIA. The trees create a natural micro-climate and function as a living element in the composition. The accent in the design concept was defining the space around them. The house has a spacious interior with clear glass walls to let in natural light. The factors that determine the shape

Nelson House is a cozy home designed by Kerr Ritchie and located in Nelson, New Zealand. The home has stunning views over the adjacent Tasman Bay, and an interior that is warm and stylish. The house is formed by two volumes. A tall two storey steel form hugs the south boundary turning its back to an adjacent access way with milk laminate windows. On the north side