Ross House is a private residence designed by Antonio Zaninovic. It is located in Tamboerskloof, a neighborhood of Cape Town, South Africa. Designed for a South African family who lived after years in London,  Zaninovic created the L-shaped building with a pavilion surrounded by large sliding glass doors that open to the outside.

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Designed by LINIA Furniture, these creative furniture designs go beyond merely innovative, crossing boundaries of industrial and architectural design, using new methods and materials along the way. Innovative and unique collections of furniture pieces that find ways of breaking from contemporary conventions and modern regularity. According to the designers: ” Our collections explore solutions to meet marketing, manufacturing and financial requirements and arrive at the optimum design of a furniture item. Both functional and aesthetic aspects are important to us and […]

The International Highline Meeting festival seems like one of the chillest festivals we’ve ever heard of, but it also might be one of the most terrifying – attendees spend most of their time strung up on tightropes stretched across the Italian Alps in Monte Piana.  At Italy’s biggest slackline festival, the International Highline Meeting, attendees (or slackers, as they’re called) showed how they love laughing at the face of death. Monte Piana is one of the most beautiful site to […]

I love eclectic houses for their courage, originality and appetite for collage. This one is located in London and it looks like that after Brian O’Tuama Architects completed a long process of refurbishment. As you can easily notice, if you want to create an eclectic set-up at home, you’d better start from a property you inherited because you can fructify the old spirit of the building. Take the striking insertion of glass into the robust brick wall in the kitchen, for […]

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Porcelain vases designed by Catalin Nastasoiu for RONATIV  inspired by the Charm, Beauty and Creativity of Romanian Women. He graduated the University of Arts, Department of Ceramics and his diploma-size project  was two ceramic cows, later became a symbol of Laptaria lui Enache from Bucharest, Romania. He currently lives in New York, where he has a company, Catapult Creative Partners, working with broadcasters, production houses, movie studios, universities, cultural institutions and artists. Catalin Nastasoiu is the artist who loves Romania as […]

A house on top of a rooftile-Birdhouse  by klaaskuiken Nowadays birds are not welcome under rooftiles anymore, so they lost a beautiful place to make nests. Placing a house on top of a rooftile, now created a nice place for a birdsnest. Google birdhouse by shu chun hsiao Trying to view the world from different perspectives and scales, taiwanese designer shu-chun hsiao looks at changing interactions between macro and micron landscapes. Using the google maps landmark icon, his project becomes a  physical […]

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A modern kitchen in the attic? Yes, that’s possible! The project realised by Bozhinovski Design proves it heavily. You might be surprised at how little space is needed for a fresh and functional kitchen. First of all, consult a specialist and be sure that the attic floor joists were designed to support the new use of the space, or if they need to be reengineered. Secondly, try to imagine the space organised and look for storing and shelving solutions. Now, having these things in mind, […]

A classic glamorous design is the perfect combination when you want the elegance of ancient times in a contemporary packaging. That’s the lesson Natalia Ozerova wants to present us today! Although young designers are usually big fans of avant-garde trends, she preferred a classic glamorous look for this luxurious apartment in Saint Petersburg, Russia. As you step inside, an elegant hallway welcomes you to discover the beauty of the interior: crystal mirrors, fancy lighting objects, stools with cushion upholstery and exquisite pieces of furniture. But, […]

Are you looking for a hot night club in Portugal? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Designed by AAMD studio, Eskada Vizela is known as one of the best dance destinations in Vizela, a municipality in Braga District, Portugal. Characterized by versatility and eclecticism, the space offers an amazing galactic experience to its visitors. Large photos projected on the walls, mirrors, diaphanous curtains, insertions of glass and geometrical forms intrigue the guests, exciting their senses. If you visit the Facebook page, you notice immediately that […]

If you want a house that smells like holiday all the time, bring the Palm Beach style inside. Most of the designers do not know how to define it, but they immediately recognise its flavour in floral and animal prints, vintage bathing suits, green posters and tropical pieces of furniture. Located in  Florida, USA, the residence below mixes classic and contemporary in a relaxed Palm Beach style with a subtle play on contrasts, connections, and harmonies realised by Les Ensembliers studio. At […]

Touch interiors designed this home for a lovely young couple who bought an architectural icon built over 20 years ago. The prefab building, now considered very progressive for its time, called for a sleek simple renovation to harmoniously unite the existing features. We love  all this fresh atmosphere with vibrant colors accents. According to the architects: ” For over 20 years I’ve wondered what this building in Neutral Bay was….a portable building, home or office….I was never sure. It was […]

Designed by Touch Interiors,this small house was designed to maximize family living and enjoyment. This elegant interior combines simple linens with soft feminine colors to create a balanced, sophisticated and relaxed retreat. Fresh white furnishings are accented with textiles & accessories to achieve the perfect balance of seaside chic.  A playful use of color and texture was employed to bring the space alive and connect it to its poolside location. Adding character to a space to define the owner’s true personality & […]

So you want a garden but your landscape is nothing more than a steep hill or slope. What is a gardener to do? Consider building a terrace garden design and watch all your gardening woes slip away.Terraces can create several mini-gardens in your backyard.  Hillside terrace gardens are a great way to grow an array of plants and vegetables without the worry of having all your hard work simply wash away. On steep slopes, terracing can make planting a garden […]

Spectacular water features provide the biggest wow factor your yard can have. Large koi ponds, beautiful waterfalls and aquatic gardens provide sounds and movement to hold your attention and provide relaxation unmatched by the still landscape. Artistic Landscapes is very experienced in koi pond construction to maximize the health and beauty of your prized koi by creating the ultimate living environment while minimizing pond maintenance. Artistic Landscapes can build your koi pond into an award-winning landscape that will maximize the beauty of your […]

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