Are you looking for a modern house? Or are you simply searching catchy projects featuring nordic design? You’ve come to the right place. The collection below reveals amazing modern homes perfect for a dynamic lifestyle. From clean lines and neat furnishings to striking angles and shiny facades, you have a lot to discover! Located  in Iceland, the small country with dreamy landscapes, the buildings borrowed from the neighbouring beauty. Every corner of these interiors reminds you that nature is a treasure: it has power, grace, strength, gentleness, and the capability to inspire us all. Enjoy the selection!

Casa G by Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor

Oslo based studio Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor completed the Casa G project in 2009.
This two-story modern house is located in Iceland and it features floor to ceiling glass facades, striking volumes and a strong connection with the environment. I love the location, in the middle of nowhere; it gives you the feeling of a lonely planet. Clear your mind and pamper your senses in this lovely landscape!

Modern house

Every time I discover a wonderful architectural gem, I feel overwhelmed by its beauty, attractiveness and balanced structure. This is also the case with the awesome holiday house below, a residence featuring glass, wood and iron in a well proportioned mix. As a result, the ‘product’ looks great and blends harmoniously with the environment.

Nordic design

Nordic design always comes back to the essential roots. As you can easily notice, the exterior facade looks like a natural extension of the soil, while also connecting smoothly with the surrounding hills. What I love at this modern house is its profound respect for the environment.

Symmetry and stability for an open plan house

A balcony with glass parapets is perfect for a modern house.

An open plan house will welcome your guests in a wonderful living room, strongly connected with the rest of the rooms. I love the fact that you can access easily the kitchen, the dining or the bedrooms upstairs. Moreover, it gives you the feeling of an ‘unleashed’ space. As a result, the inhabitants feel relaxed.

Admiring the scenery from above…

Ice House by Minarc

Ice House is located in Reykjavik, Iceland and was designed by Minarc.
The interior is comfortable and elegant, and makes use of a variety of elements that come together impeccably. Moreover, the outdoor space reflects harmony and a well balanced organisation.

This open plan house has a deep relation with the surroundings.

Shower outside? Why not! Relaxing, refreshing and very simple, the shower fits amazingly near the construction.

This living room opens to the surroundings, embracing the sky and the sun all day long. Thus, the owners feel serene and enjoy beautiful views all day long. Moreover, the open plan house assimilates all the positive energy around.

Are you looking for solutions to incorporate the terrace inside? This gliding transparent glass doors are amongst my favourites. Flexible and very thin, they are perfect in a modern house.

Comfy and sunny, this sleeping room features a generous bed and several decorative items. Basic as it is, the bedroom is welcoming and authentic.

With a rustic flavour, the shower features a natural stone wall and a transparent glass parapet.

Symmetry reflects stability, security, strength. So, the building feels well rooted and the inhabitants protected.

House of Shapes by EON architecture

House of Shapes is a private residence designed by EON architecture.
Completed in 2014, the home is located in Iceland.

Resembling an UFO, this modern house looks like a state of art element in this natural scenery.

A modern house is sometimes too clinical. Although the living room feels cold and impersonal, the scenery outside functions like an energiser.  The ceiling is an enormous lighting object like a sky full os stars.

B25 House by PK Arkitektar

B25 House is a private residence designed by PK Arkitektar.
It is located in Reykjavik, Iceland, and covers an area of 4,920 square feet.

Playing with volumes and materials, this open plan house looks marvellous. You can see the house from the street as a singular solid structure, but the entrance is not open to intruders. However, many private areas offer a sense of openness and permeability. Therefore, this modern house is welcoming and stylish. 

Large windows offer visibility and a strong relation with the exterior. Moreover, they allow natural light come inside all day long.

All-white living room and transparency

Would you like to remodel your living room? Then try an all-white clothing this year! Cool and impersonal, the look is contemporary, stylish and very versatile. First of all, blend hues smartly. Light grey, beige, brown, ivory and even black can function as little spots of colour in an all-white background. Furthermore, let light inside all day long. Diaphanous curtains and generous transparent glass windows are key elements. In addition, add personality to the space with an original chandelier and a king size painting.