After a competition between 40 different projects, a-lab, an Oslo based architects office, has been commissioned to further their design for the  Statoil Hydro Oslo office. All 40 entries were comprised of a developer and architect team competing for their design AND location. The Norwegian oil company chose the  a-lab project – which resembles the popular game of pick-up-sticks – as their winner meaning the new office will be built in Fornebu, western Oslo.  IT-fornebu Holding are the developers for the project. The design was expected to match a list of criteria, the most important being that the building should be flexible, environmentally friendly and modern. The winning building answers to the company’s core values: courageous, open, hands on and caring. At 65,000 sq m the building is put
together of 5 3-storey cantilevering lamellas stacked on top of each other. These lamellas form a six-storey common space with a meeting- center in the middle. The building is scheduled for completion in Autumn 2012.

The Statoil project will be presented within RIFF 2013  by arch. Geir HAAVERSEN and arch. Odd KLEV on November 11th.

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