Are you a fan of contemporary style? Then, you’ve come to the right place. The house designed by Ouriço Arquitetura is located in Araras, a city situated in the interior of  São Paulo, Brazil. As you can easily notice, the architect relied on the well known principle ‘less is more’ to obtain impressive, contemporary interiors. Smooth profiles instead of ornamentation, solid or subtly patterned fabrics in lieu of colorful prints, minimal accessories rather than big collections. While it doesn’t have the overt warmth of older design styles, it won’t cast a chill either. Who wouldn’t feel comfortable in a place designed according to this aesthetic? Contemporary style is fluid and tolerates some rule-breaking if you want to change something after two months of inauguration. A strong emphasis on line and form — two essentials of good design — gives contemporary style its energy. These rooms are designed with abundant open space and natural light in mind, which makes them feel airy and expansive.

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Contemporary design pays attention to the environment.
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A lot of spots make the building look amazing in the evening.
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The interior communicates very well with the exterior.
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Every window is flanked by two pots with tall plants.
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Relaxing near the pool at a cocktail evening.
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Symmetry? I works perfectly in a contemporary interior design!
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Tall interiors that almost hide the ceiling into the sky…

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