Eating at your desk again? We’re multi-taskers! We live for efficiency! If you can relate, you can probably most definitely relate to eating while you work. Now it’s easier than ever! With these handy fork, spoon & knife pen caps, you’ll be eating while you fill out those annoying TPS reports. 3 blue ballpoint pens with food-safe, reusable utensil caps. Caps are 4″ long. If you like it, you can order it from here

So bon appetit, cubicle captive! You get 3 pens, with both original caps and utensil caps, all packaged in a peggable, reusable, green” zip-bag.”

Dine-Ink-Pen-Utensil-designrulz (3)

Dine-Ink-Pen-Utensil-designrulz (2) Dine-Ink-Pen-Utensil-designrulz (1)