The International CES is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow. It features 2700 exhibitors and tens of thousands new products. If you are looking for innovation, next year’s gadgets and state of the art technology this is the place to be. The 2011 CES set several new records, including 30,000 international attendees and 22 top CEOs participating in keynotes.

Here we present a collection of what we consider to be the products with the best design at this years edition of CES 2011.

Transcend from Recon Instruments

The world’s first alpine goggles with real-time GPS data viewable through a head-mounted display system. Transcend also boasts data transfer and post-processing software.

Award for Best of Innovations.

TiVo Slide Remote from TiVo, Inc.

Featuring a unique and convenient ergonomic slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the TiVo Slide Remote allows users to quickly and easily search their favorite entertainment — online and on TV.

Power Amplifier from Classe Audio Inc.

The CA-M600 power amplifier is designed to produce prodigious amounts of clean power, while keeping thermal output under tight control for superior audio resolution performance, and reliability.
Award at Best of Innovations

Internet TV & Blu-ray Disc™ Player Powered by Google TV from

Sony’s new Internet TV is the world’s first to harness two powerful platforms –television and the full Internet — to bring consumers an unrivaled entertainment experience
Award at Best of Innovations

Slingbox 700U TV box from Sling Media

The Slingbox 700U adds placeshifting capabilities to an existing Internet-connected HD-DVR via simple USB plug-n-play connectivity, giving television providers the ability to offer SlingLoaded™ technology to their subscribers.

BD-D7500 Blu-ray disc player from Samsung

Samsung’s BD-D7500 offers consumers the world’s slimmest Blu-ray disc player design with innovative 2D-to-3D conversion capabilities and versatile streaming services through Internet@TV with Samsung Apps.

Samsung HT-D7100 BluRay player from Samsung

The Samsung HT-D7100 is a Blu-ray integrated private theater system that offers high quality 3D picture and sound in an all-in-one, beautifully designed with a Cubic Design and reasonably priced home entertainment solution.

SA7 Wireless Hybrid Earphones from Sleek Audio LLC

U.S.-made dual driver earphone. Military-grade aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium construction for unprecedented durability. Employs VQ tuning and Wireless Hybrid technology for individual customization and reference audio performance.

Motorola Roadster™ hands free kit from Motorola

Motorola Roadster™, the latest Bluetooth™ portable car kit from Motorola, gives users a high-quality audio experience with dual-microphone noise cancellation, and speech-to-text capabilities, while staying responsible on the road.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse from Microsoft

Arc Touch Mouse is the only mouse designed to flatten for portability, and pop up for full size comfort, and also includes Microsoft’s first capacitive touch strip for scrolling.

Logitech TV Cam from Logitech

Logitech’s one-of-a-kind TV Cam lets you make HD video calls to friends and family from the comfort of your couch – either TV to TV, TV to PC, or vice

KODAK Pulse Digital Frame from Kodak

Digital Frame featuring Wi-Fi connectivity and unique email address that can automatically refresh itself with new photographs.

Joos solar charger from Orange

The world’s most powerful personal solar charger, the Joos Orange works in virtually all weather conditions: sunshine, partially cloudy, overcast, foggy, indirect sunlight, rain, snow, and even under water.

STONE2 Bluetooth phone it from Jabra

With a shape like no other Bluetooth headset on the market, the Jabra STONE2 elegantly wraps behind the ear eliminating the standard on-face microphone and combining both style and functionality.

Internet Radio and Media Player w/ PR functions from Grace Digital Inc.

The next generation in iPhone and Android remote controlled Internet Radio and Media Streamer with PR (personal audio recorder) and follow me functions via an 802.11n connection.


GE Wattstation from General Electric

The GE Wattstation defines its own class of electric vehicle chargers with its ultra weatherproof design, retractable cable and all touch interface in a compact package.

Estelon XA Speakers from Alfred & Partners

Estelon loudspeakers – Sculptures – cast to create shapes, not only beautiful in design, but creating the shape and proportions required to reproduce sound “in a more natural, balanced way”.

ErgoMotion Keyboard from Smartfish Technologies

The patented ErgoMotionTM Keyboard provides the world’s most comfortable and innovative typing experience ever. Our keyboard is more than just beautiful, it’s really smart!

Aura Z HD Conferencing Cam from Spracht

The Aura-Z HD Conference Camera is the first camera of any kind to employ fully solid state LCD fluid focussing with no moving parts.