Hotel Anticavilla is located in Cuernavaca, Morelos, México, and was designed by BGP Arquitectura. The hotel spaces are brimming with character: from rustic exposed brick walls to floor-to-ceiling painted murals and architecture surrounded by lush vegetation. The bedrooms, business center and spa use the existing structure, incorporates new contemporary elements into the existing construction, and a new contemporary wing was built, containing the restaurant. Each room is named after a different Italian painter from the 20th century, on the basis of which each room’s color scheme is designed. The new building, contrasts with the old one, a large concrete slab supported by steel columns. This new slab gives shelter to the restaurant opened towards the garden, in the perpetual spring weather of Cuernavaca. The height of the concrete slab changes to give scale to the bar and the services, and on top of it are two suites. The garden was designed using changing colors of flowers in different seasons.

Hotel Anticavilla-designrulz-001 Hotel Anticavilla-designrulz-002 Hotel Anticavilla-designrulz-003 Hotel Anticavilla-designrulz-004 Hotel Anticavilla-designrulz-005 Hotel Anticavilla-designrulz-006 Hotel Anticavilla-designrulz-007 Hotel Anticavilla-designrulz-008 Hotel Anticavilla-designrulz-009 Hotel Anticavilla-designrulz-010 Hotel Anticavilla-designrulz-011 Hotel Anticavilla-designrulz-012 Hotel Anticavilla-designrulz-013