House on a Warehouse is a private residence designed by Miguel Marcelino. It is located in Chícharo, Torres Novas, Portugal, and has an airy quality to it, enhanced by its simplistic interior design. Given the constraints of the existing warehouse, the house shape turns out to be automatically set: a box that rests on the existing structure. The rooms are placed to the east, the toilets to the west, as well as the kitchen, looking to a centennial olive tree. The existing balcony will be maintained and “duplicated” as a shading element. The living room is placed south where its south/east corner is diagonally cut in a way that the balcony could enlarge and offer an outdoor area protected from the sun and rain, overlooking the valley.

Warehouse-designrulz-001 Warehouse-designrulz-002 Warehouse-designrulz-003 Warehouse-designrulz-004 Warehouse-designrulz-005 Warehouse-designrulz-006 Warehouse-designrulz-007 Warehouse-designrulz-008 Warehouse-designrulz-009 Warehouse-designrulz-010 Warehouse-designrulz-011 Warehouse-designrulz-012 Warehouse-designrulz-013 Warehouse-designrulz-014 Warehouse-designrulz-015 Warehouse-designrulz-016 Warehouse-designrulz-017 Warehouse-designrulz-018 Warehouse-designrulz-019 Warehouse-designrulz-020