Ukraine-based architect Sergey Makhno have completed a weekend budget house in Kiev region. This is an excellent example of what a wonderful contemporary home can someone build with only $100,000 at disposal. Sergey Makhno describes the project as follows: ” The main thing in this project is that this house was built with small budget in 100 000 dollars but as a result the client received a modern minimalistic home with garden and barbecue arbour. In general, physical form of building is divided into two parts with similar shapes and sizes. The first cube facade is revetted with plaster embroidered in the form of squares and second is decorated with clad in black-painted wooden panels with horizontal line structure. Transparent glass windows at front wall house offer green view of the garden, The house has 105 sqm and holds in a mixture of wood and concrete. This house has two floors: the ground floor shelters the living room with a big concrete fireplace, a kitchen and a bath built and the second floor has two bedrooms with bathrooms and a library.

 The physical form of building is divided into two parts with similar shapes and sizes.

 The entrance



 A lovely dog in the garden :)


 You can enjoy a special dinner outside!




 A wall almost covered in glass



 The natural light comes inside all day long!









 The kitchen is a functional, modern interior.



 The table from the dining room is simply fabulous: wooden blocks combined with fragile glass.



  Sergey Makhno is an artist, architect, designer, workshop project manager. Graduated from Kiev National University of Building and Architecture as well as from Academic School of Design (Moscow). Sergei Makhno
Sergey believes that his imaginative vision is a combination of contradictory backgrounds and creation of artistic mixes from seemingly incompatible things.