Most people in Singapore do what they can to escape the humidity, many by spending their time in air-conditioned shopping malls and high-rise condos. But Mr Stephen Fisher, a banker with JP Morgan in Singapore and a native Australian, wanted to embrace the tropical climate. This modern home, created by Guz Wilkinson of Guz Architects, a Singapore firm focusing on eco-friendly tropical homes, truly sets itself aside from other beach front properties with its creative and different design which includes a feeling of unrestricted space, an underwater lounge, undulating roofs, and a unique use of bamboo and limestone. He chose Mr Guz Wilkinson of Guz Architects, a Singapore firm that specialized  in eco-friendly tropical homes, because “we shared the goal of fitting the house to the environment, rather than the other way around”. It was completed in April of 2010.

The design is simple: It consists of two connected glass-and-wood pavilions — one for living, the other for sleeping — surrounding an infinity pool. It was designed so that residents could “have a view of the ocean from every room,” Mr. Fisher said. Sliding glass panels allow views of water and sky from every room and can be opened for natural ventilation. The floors are bamboo or limestone on the lower level and concrete painted in white epoxy upstairs, and decoration throughout the house is minimal.

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